Restaurant Fontana



There is an active flowt of social life of the city at Fontana. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, with the sound of violins and piano enjoy the delicious food from our kitchen.

An exclusive restaurant Fontana is located in the most attractive part of the old center of Novi Sad in well-known Pašićeva Street. Pleasant external appearance, with a beautiful garden, fountain and unusual interior, our restaurant provides guests with an exceptional experience.First of all we are known for our good food, based on traditional Serbian cuisine, as well as the world’s gastronomic quality.In addition, we offer and deliver food to the specified address.


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Congratulations for mr Dragan and his team” I stayed with my family for 2 days in Fontana hotel. Here i had a great experience in which it was shown the professionalism and a great business atitude. In the last day i forgot my package,souvenir package in one shop near the hotel.When i remebered about the package i was already in Romania.I was very upset because i really liked my souvenir and it means very much for me. I called to the hotel where the director mr Dragan,was very nice and kind and went back in the shop after my package.He recover my package and put it in the luggage of one guest from Romania.It was amazing his behaviour,the quick reaction to my request. 10 points for Fontana,a great place for accomodation with very nice people.